Custom Auto Safety Tools with Personalized Logo
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Multifunctional Snow and Ice Shovel Tool

Roadside Kits with Tools

Non Woven Trunk Organizers

Sunglasses Clip
item No.:#AUTOOL001
Price:0.1USD/Low as

Vehicle Escape Tool
item No.:#AUTOOL002
Price:0.2USD/Low as

Ice scraper with parking dial
item No.:#AUTOOL003
Price:0.3USD/Low as

Ice Scraper Hand Mitten
item No.:#AUTOOL004
Price:0.3USD/Low as

Warm Grip Ice Scraper
item No.:#AUTOOL005
Price:0.4USD/Low as

USB Car Charger
item No.:#AUTOOL006
Price:0.8USD/Low as

Quick Plastic Car Safety Emergency Tool
item No.:#AUTOOL007
Price:1.USD/Low as

Multi-Tool Safety Hammer with Digital Tire Gauge
item No.:#AUTOOL008
Price:4.USD/Low as

Personalized Travelon Multi-tool Emergency Light with Seatbelt Cutter
item No.:#AUTOOL009
Price:0.6USD/Low as


Bulk Tire Gauge Keychains
item No.:#AUTOOL010
Price:0.17USD/Low as


Promotional Talking Digital Tire Gauge with Key Ring
item No.:#AUTOOL011
Price:1.7USD/Low as

Promotional Full Service Digital Tire Gauge Keychains
item No.:#AUTOOL012
Price:1.97USD/Low as

Custom Logo Tire Pressure Gauge
item No.:#AUTOOL013
Price:0.1USD/Low as 

Car Mirror Covers
item No.:#AUTOOL014
Price:0.1USD/Low as 

Seat Belt Cutter
item No.:#AUTOOL015
Price:0.3USD/Low as

Highly Reflective Safety Vest
item No.:#AUTOOL016
Price:0.6USD/Low as

Pop-Up Traffic Cone
item No.:#AUTOOL017
Price:2USD/Low as

heated ice scraper

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