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Custom Memo Clip Magnets

Put your logo on custom memo clip magnets from Yiwuseaview. Get your brand to stick with promotional magnets. Our advertising magnets are fantastic for keeping your details visible. Promotional magnets are available in a variety of shapes, colors and styles to suit your theme.

Promotional Heart Magnetic Memo Clips

Promo Squared Magnetic Memo Clips

Personalized House Magnetic Memo Clips

Promo Dry-Erase and Memo Clips

Promotional Billboard Magnetic Memo Clips

Magnetic Clipper

Personalized House-Shaped Memo Clips

Promo Camouflage Power Clips

Printed Apple-Shaped Power Clips

Promo Heart-Shaped Power Clips

Ribbon Style Power Clip

Plastic Magnetic Clip (2" x 2.3")

Plastic Magnetic Clip (3.5" x 2.3")

Personalized Jumbo Phone-Shaped Magnetic Memo Holders

Paw-shaped Mega Magnet Clip

Promotional Ad Clips

Personalized Clothespin Paperweight Clips

Jumbo Magnetic Promo Memo Clip - Star

Binder Flip Imprinted Clip

Personalized Binder Clips

Budget Promotional Chip Clip - 4"

Good Value Promotional Chip Clip - 4"

2-in-1 Memo Clip and Promotional Bottle Openers

Bamboo Promotional Memo Clip

Keep-It Clip Promotional Bag Clip - 2"

Full Color Dome Promotional Binder Clips - Square

6" Personalized Color Bag Clips

Wholesale Self Adhesive Pen Clips

4" Custom Printed Recycled Bag Clips

Custom Jumbo Rectangular Magnetic Memo Holders

Round Chip Clip

Customizable Mini Magnetic Clips

Recipe Holder

Photovision Large Deluxe Magnetic Clip

Promotional Full Color T-Shirt-Designed Magnetic Clips

Light Bulb Shaped Convenient Clip

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