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Personalized Tire Gauges with Custom Logo

A tire gauge is the perfect promotional item for car dealerships, auto part stores and mechanics. We offer custom tire gauges in a variety of shapes and colors so you can find the ideal item for your business. Choose a digital tire gauge to eliminate guessing or confusion, or select a tire gauge on a keychain so your customer always has one readily available in case of emergency. With a funky design, a tire gauge will fly off shelves or be a delightful gift with purchase. Give us a call so we can help you get started in creating the perfect tire gauge for your company.

Customized Tire Gauge with Silver Keychain

Personalized Metal Tire Gauges with Keychain

Pen-style Tire Tread Depth Gauge

Customized Metal Tire Gauges with Clip

Imprinted Digital Tire Gauges with Indicator

Round Analog Auto Tire Gauge

Plastic Digital Tire Pressure & Tread Depth Gauge

Bulk Tire Gauge Keychains

Promotional Tire Gauges

Logo Metal Tire Gauges

Mini Double Ring Tire Pressure Gauge

Customized Tire Tread Gauge

Customized Tire King

Customized Tire Tread and Pressure Gauge Pen

Customized Truck Tire Gauge

Mini Auto Tire Measurer Keychain in Polybag

Promotional Talking Digital Tire Gauge with Key Ring

Customized Tire Gauge Business Card

Customized Tire Gauge with Silver Clip

Plastic Tire Tool with Key Ring

Imprinted Auto Tire Gauges

Roadside Multi-Tool with LED Flashlight

Promo Auto Tire Gauges

Promotional Full Service Digital Tire Gauge Keychains

Custom Logo Tire Pressure Gauge

Mini Promotional Tire Pressure Gauge Keychain

Tire Tread Custom Tire Pressure Gauge

Custom Tire Gauge with LED light


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