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Satin Sleep Masks Elastic Headband Adjustable
item No.:582460701979

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Product Description:
FEEL COMFY AND RELAXED - Made of Satin Fabric (100% Polyester), soft and breathable enough. It is skin-friendly without the pressure feeling and protect your eye skin from long-term friction caused by the foam eye mask. Ideal for insomnia, migraine headaches and dry-eye sufferers.
KEEP LIGHT OUT - The rich filling inside the sleeping mask, plus the soft curve around nose, which can block out much light.

ADJUSTABLE STRAP:When adjusted to the proper position, the mask will stay on all night without sliding out and not tangle your hair.
EASY CARE - You should wash your mask by hand with cool water and then leave flat to dry.

Your name can be embroidered  on the mask.