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Promotional products must represent a company well, and low-key traditional items just wont cut it anymore. For decades, our mission has been to empower customers to share their message and create lasting impressions. Gaining us the trust of marketing and advertising leaders, our innovative products revolve around the needs of our customers. Weve worked hard to provide affordable high quality printed items, easy online design tools, as well as a respectful and integral employee environment to satisfy the needs of a happy client base.


Screen Printing

A technology that allows for better accuracy when it comes to matching our ink to your graphic needs, screen printing is best for designs that require an intense vibrancy and larger area of impression. A thick coat of ink is applied to silks that have been preloaded with your digitized design, and transferred onto the item one color at a time. Its versatility lets us scale down to small items like pens, and can be used on a wide range of materials that include textiles, plastic and other synthetics.

Laser Engraving

For orders that require a timeless customization we recommend any one of our laser engraving methods. Best for non-transparent items, the fast pulsating laser light of the YAG method takes away material from the product and leaves behind a sleek permanent mark. The laser CO2 method on the other hand, emits a continuous infrared light for a permanent mark on glass items.


To ensure the most precise stitching, in embroidery your design is first digitized then accurately sewn at an average rate of 10,000 stitches per design. Ideal for team shirts, work and school uniforms, embroidery allows for up to 16 thread colors per design to account for shading and logo complexity. We inspect each item for stray threads to ensure a clear professional finish.

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